Guesthouse Vinkalni (HotelRundale) is situated on the riverbank of Īslīce across from the Rundale Palace parking lot. Once you arrive in Rundale by crossing the bridge, a large sign on the right hand side and the following access road welcomes you in our premises.


When driving from Riga, guests must take A7 highway leading to Vilnius and head towards Bauska. Once in Bauska, on the first roundabout a right turn should be made near the supermarkets RIMI/Maxima towards Eleja. You are on track if after a short ride and left turn the magnificent medieval Bauska castle appears uphill on the right side while you descend towards the bridge across Musa river. Once the river is crossed, the next roundabout should be exited on the right towards Eleja and road P103. Approximately in 10 km an exit on the left side will lead you to Pilsrundale and Rundale Palace. If you end up in the parking lot for the Rundale Palace, we are just across the road near the river. A convenience store is located on the other side from the guesthouse entrance road with most types of  daily food or beverages on offer, as well as ATM for cash withdrawal.

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phone.: +371 25 622 730