Our guests enjoy a splendid view over the Rundale Palace, they start a day by looking at the stark walk in the meadows of Īslīce river, take a leisure walk along the palace channel where the royal swans have settled in their promenade, and they will enjoy tower clock music melody lingering in the fresh air of the wide open space of Rundale Palace surroundings.


Rundale may be enjoyed each season of the year, it is within one hour drive from Riga city, yet it is still an undisclosed jewel to many travelers. The time required to walk across the French gardens ofthe baroque Rundale Palace and to visit the palace rooms is more than just a restful day. Add to the pleasures your own candlelight dinner in the palace cellar restaurant or in the old cafeteria full with antique items, or take a look at the private collection of old-timer cars bought by the local enthusiast from various former Soviet military and civil authorities, or even try your luck in fishing for a few hours - the day is gone swiftly and it is about time to return to our guesthouse for overnight rest in comfort.

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The guesthouse was built in 2010 with the aim of accommodating up to 30 guests in 11 clean and bright rooms of various classic styles to complement the nearby Rundale Palace. We offer our guests the standard of a hotel for the affordable price of bed-and-breakfast establishment, as well as a variety of choice of room sizes. Breakfast is included in the room price. It is possible to book a room without the breakfast and save further.


Whether there is a friends or family party planned or just staying in a safe and convenient location, our facilities will welcome each traveler, and in particularly yourself!  


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phone.: +371 25 622 730 

e-mail: vinkalni@mail.com